1. Placing an Order

  • Your order is imported as an Excel list
  • The group of goods is defined
  • You decide how the goods are photographed - from the front or the back

2. Goods Pick-Up

  • We pick the goods up or you have them shipped directly to us
  • The goods are unpacked and scanned
  • Each item is given a bar code / article number in order to identify each stage of work

3. Preparing the Goods

  • The goods are prepared for the production
  • The goods are ironed etc. if needed

4. The Goods are Photographed

  • We take photographs of your products (laydowns, on busts, etc.)
  • High-quality photos
  • Using top-notch equipment
  • In order to produce the best images

5. Forwarding the Photos

  • The best images are pre-selected
  • You log in to our system (for customers only) and select the photos
  • You decide which photos are approved
  • Photos are taken as RAW files and later forwarded as .JPEG or .TIFF

6. Post-production

  • The photos are edited
  • Enhancement process

7. Making the Photos Available

  • The photos are available for download
  • Content packages are provided if desired

8. Return of your products